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Network Architect builds and designs local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), intranets and data communication networks. A Network Architect is needed whether a business has, at the least, 2 small offices, or a global giant of a company with offices in every major city. You see, computer systems need to be networked to stay informed of each other and help achieve their company’s goal.

Typically you will have to predict the future network needs for the company you work for. You’ll need to be completely knowledgeable in software, hardware technology and implement security patches. You’ll look at current data, consult with other IT professionals to address all these concerns, and your main job is to build and link networks. This is one of the hands-on IT positions; we’re talking cables, routers and drivers. You will be physically engaging with hardware, so your knowledge must go from head to hand. Considering the required expertise, I should be expects that this is one of the higher paid positions in IT.

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